JS House Concerts FAQ

JS House Concerts FAQ

JS House Concerts FAQ

What is the cost? $6,000

Where will Jeffrey Travel? Shows must be located in the contiguous United States. Please note shows can not be scheduled in Middle Tennessee.

How long are shows? Shows will last 90 minutes

What will Jeffrey provide? Jeffrey will provide his own sound and perform an acoustic show for your guests. In addition Jeffrey will sell and sign merchandise after the show.

What are hosts expected to provide? Hosts must pay $6000 fee for show and provide a meal (with respect to food restrictions. Options include: Grilled Chicken, Grilled Salmon, Grilled Vegetables, Brown Rice, Baked or Sweet Potato, Green Salad) and water (still) for Jeffrey, plus one. Hosts will also be sure to provide a table in a visible location for Jeffrey to sell merchandise. Enough space to park a 28 Foot RV.

When will shows take place? Most shows will take place on weekends, but weekdays could be considered.

How do I book a show? You need to fill out a request on the form HERE. Once your request is approved you will be sent a contract and waiver. In order to secure your show you will be required to send in a non-refundable deposit that will be deducted from the show fee.

Can I sell tickets to my house concert? How concerts need to be private shows. Suggested donations are fine.

Will Jeffrey sell Merchandise? Yes, Jeffrey will sell merchandise at all shows and must be provided with a table in a visible location to do so. Jeffrey will maintain 100% of merchandise sales.

Photos and Videography Policy: No flash photography or professional photography allowed. No videography allowed of performances or redistribution of performance or images in any form.


please note, Jeffrey Steele House Concerts are provided thru 3 Ring Circus Music, LLC. Jeffrey Steele and 3 Ring Circus Music, LLC are only responsible for providing sound and a 90-minute acoustic set. The Host is solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining its own Home and Contents Insurance and any other insurance policies that the Host deems necessary to protect the Host’s house and belongings. 3 Ring Circus Music, LLC is in no way be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by any Host, Artist or Guest any way. 3 Ring Circus Music, LLC strongly recommends that all Hosts obtain appropriate insurance for their homes prior to hosting a House Concert. The Host fully indemnifies and holds 3 Ring Circus Music, LLC, its Directors, employees and contractors forever harmless with respect to any loss or damage suffered by the Host to their home or property.